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Gold    Panning   

Well now that we have talk a little on gem hunting lets try a little Gold Panning.

Have you tried gold panning in the states of Georgia or North Carolina? Did you know that Gold was mined in both of these States before the gold rush of 1849? That there was even a branch of the US Mint in Dahlonega Georgia?

The area is known as the Dahlonega Gold belt, it extends from West of Dahlonega and continues North East up through North Carolina. The gold that is found through out the are is mostly fine and in gravel beds. There were Hard rock mines but only a few. During the 1800's miners worked the area using hydrolic mining. That is they used large water cannons and washed the sides of the hills down into sluice that continued down hill. At the bottom of the sluice was normally a stamp mill that crushed the rock so they got as much gold as possible out of the stone.

Now that the background has been covered. Gold panning the streams and old washes can be fun and rewarding. Dredging the streams takes a special permit from the State. But Panning can be done just about anyplace that you can get permission to use the area.

Gem    Cutting    &    Custom    Jewelry

Now that we have talked about Gem hunting, and Gold Panning. It is time to talk a little about what you can do with the goodies you find.

You can do a lot with the gems. You can make rings, earrings, a necklace, pendant, broaches, bracelets.

Where do I get my stone cut into the fancy gems that jewelry is made out of? You can do it or if you would like I cut gems in both Facet and Cabochon styles. I can add your gold to a ring or if you have a nugget or two, make a custom item from it. If you do not find enough gold to have your stone mounted I carry a full line of settings or can make something special ( One of a kind ). I also carry a full line of gems so if you did not get all that you needed I can supply some for you.

Now You can have gem mining fun at home because, I have Gem Kits for sale! They are simple to use and fun for the whole family. Please inquire for Price. I also sell extra bags of gem bearing earth for many hours of family fun.

To find out more about the kits click here My gem kits: Gem Kits

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