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Well now that we have gone over the stuff I do lets talk about what I have for sale.

Gem    Cutting    &    Custom    Jewelry

I can make for you rings, earrings, neckchins, pendant, broaches, bracelets, any size you want, from small to very large.

This set can be yours, in Silver or Gold!

The Stone of your Choice!

When I say any size, I mean Jewelry for

Big Bold Beautiful Ladies

. I not only make the standard sizes. I can make a bracelet size 8,9,10 you name it I can make it for you.

Smoky Quartz Silver Pendents

Clearance Sale, your choice on the 5 pendents displayed. I will sell them at $40.00 each. I will add a 18" silver rope chain as displayed to each. You pay the shipping and insurance, normally runs less than $6.00


Now You can have gem mining fun at home because, I have Gem Kits for sale! They are simple to use and fun for the whole family. Please inquire for Price. I also sell extra bags of gem bearing earth for many hours of family fun.

To find out more about the kits click here My gem kits: Gem Kits

We also have Beaded Art!

Four Points Gem
Kissimmee, Florida
United States

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